Welcome to the Bee True Studio!

My name is Danielle Dickson and I am an expressive arts therapist, therapeutic counsellor and yoga/mindfulness teacher whose practice focuses on helping folks towards exploring authentic expression while providing a supportive environment for growth and expansion.

The intentional space I hold for others is inspired by the beauty, complexity and intimacy found in process based art making experience. Within this space I aim to encourage and support clients to explore themselves, through inviting curiosity and play while exploring different art materials and modalities.  

 Through intergrating somatic oriented practices, expressive arts and nature based therapies with mindfulness I support people to connect more deeply with their innate healing intelligence and capacity for self-compassion and connection.

I consider art to have the power to support healing which I have observed can also lead to moments of surprise, empathy, empowerment and enriching self discoveries. My own inspiration is drawn from art making, nature, movement and her observation of the resilience of our human hearts.

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